If you like the vintage style you should know that what defines this style are the small details. Simple and simple but very careful details, details that undoubtedly have a special charm very special.

If you want to give a vintage touch to any corner or room of your home, I suggest you look in your kitchen ... I assure you that you will find infinity of elements that can be converted, placing them in another place, in perfect details or decorative elements of vintage style .

Next I show you some original ideas that can serve as inspiration if what you want is to achieve a vintage decoration:

If you look at this corner price, you will notice that each and every one of the decorative elements that compose it have been taken out of the kitchen ... A jug, common in any kitchen; an antique fruit bowl and as vase a small bottle or bottle of transparent glass that has been reused.


This other photograph shows a desk with a certain vintage air that has been achieved, once again, thanks to elements that we usually find in the kitchen: a cup that has been used as a vase and some glass jars and jars.

vintage desk

Elements of a tableware or the decoration of a table, such as cups, teapots or jars; they become a very vintage decorative element if its usual function is replaced by that of a vase. A cup, a jug or a teterra used as a vase provides a feminine, delicate and very chic touch to the decoration.

The trick is to use all this type of usual elements in any kitchen but always combining very soft colors and pastel tones ...