Maybe in your grandmother's or your parents' house there is one of those classic sofas that when bought was a real marvel, but over the years it has become a bit old-fashioned furniture and it does not look good anymore in the place he has occupied for so many years.

However, on the other hand, we usually think, but ... it is new. The structure is new, but the upholstery is not. Then the solution is simple, we put a new upholstery and give a coat of paint. If the choice is right we will have a piece of furniture like new.

You can restore the wood in the places you need it, even check if it has a bit of woodworm, that after so many years it is possible, and when everything is ready we are ready to restore it.

In the following image we see the example of a good choice of color that has radically changed the furniture, which can now be included in a modern environment. It does not seem the same.

Via: Design Sponge