Understand the behavior of a husband to be able to propose an appropriate idea at the right time, but above all convince him that the proposed project is adapted to the needs of the family: that is the dream of any mother and wife. It does not have to do only with the fact that most of the heavy expenses are assumed by them, in the case that they have a better salary than us, but, contrary to what we say, they do have a voice and a lot of votes when it comes to taking decisions.

For example when it comes to decorating your office it seems that he is the decoration expert and not me. I get the impression that he is very clear about how he wants his space to look and uses me as a tool to make his dream a reality. He describes me an object, I search the Web until I find several possibilities, I show them to him, he decides which one fits his possibilities and finally we buy it.

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I recently wanted a floor lamp, he told me, with a white and sinuous screen, I showed him the FOLDED STAINLESS lamp and he was amazed, I did not have to look any further. The accessory is from the seventies and is made of chromed steel. The truth is that your office is becoming increasingly beautiful and full of style. That my boy has aesthetic criteria is one of those things for which I admire and love him. More information on the Website www.city-furniture.be