Decohome TV has put final (or rather, period and followed) to its first season as Canal de decoracion on the Internet. Throughout all these weeks we have been taught, by the hand of Montse Chimeno, how to choose the colors for the home, the correct choice of sofa, storage solutions in the kitchen, terrace and garden furniture and many other subjects.

Now they make a summer break to rest and prepare new programs that can help us when facing the decoration of our home, but before they wanted to take a tour of these first steps that have taken on the network.

For those of you who have not seen the videos, you only have to go to their website, but to see it in a shorter and summarized way, here you have this Special 1º Season.

From 2.0 Decoration Congratulations on this first stage!

Further information: Decohome TV

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  1. Thank you very much for the article Elena!

    The truth is that this first season has been very positive and soon we will return with more content.



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