All the abulas love to spend hours and hours knitting, cooking and making beautiful folders and designs with the crochet technique. You may have several folders at home that you have never known very well what to do ... Well, today I'm going to propose some ideas that will help you take advantage and create lovely decorative details.

If you have several, although they are of different sizes, designs and even colors, you can choose to join them and create with them a different, asymmetrical, but very charming table runner.

Another option is to apply some of those folders on a smooth cushion, it will result in a much nicer cushion and with a certain vintage air.


The same technique that I have proposed you to use to make a table run can be used to carry out this other idea. It is about giving life to a simple container of transparent glass.


Even, depending on the design, the size of the folder can be used to fully envelop a vase and turn it into an almost design piece.


Lamps, curtains, quilts, carpets, paintings ... I can think of countless places where folders could be used. In fact, I would dare to say that they are applicable to practically any object. Let your imagination fly ... I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for your old folders.