If you want to decorate with butterflies, here we leave you a great idea. This has been adapted to a corner specially designed to read or work. It's a corner decorated with pretty butterflies fluttering everywhere.

This can be extrapolated to any space you need, including children's decoration.

If you like butterflies and want to decorate with them, the only thing we have to do is have certain elements.

Elements such as eva rubber in different colors or in the colors that best suits the decoration you want.

You will also need a pair of scissors, a pencil and a paper. The only thing we have to do is draw a series of butterflies in different sizes .. we do this on paper.

Then cut all the figures, we are going to use them as if they were patterns and thus make them the same. Pass the drawings to the rubber eva, trazalos in her.

Now you only have to cut the outline and we will have all the butterflies that we like the most!

Use as much rubber eva as you need, you have the butterflies in the colors that you like and you only have to fix these butterflies where you want to decorate.

If it is a box or a piece of furniture, simply add a little silicone. We can also put them in the corks, so we will decorate the frame of them and they will not be boring.

Remember that you can make garlands of butterflies, they will be very beautiful and we will only have to adhere them on a string and that's it!

Consider where you can buy rubber eva online.

Photo: achadosdedecoracao