As for tastes the colors, never better said, in today's article I mention some ideas for the realization of some wall paintings; paintings in which simple designs and simple tools or materials have been used.


The pictures on the wall and the square that rests on the floor have been made using a selection of fabrics of exclusive designs.

To make them, we will first cut a cardboard to fit the frame. Next we will cut the fabrics in a varied way and in different sizes. The fabrics of leaves, horses or figurative motifs are ideal for trimming. No need to sew anything, since the same fabrics will be held under the glass once they are framed.

Now we will look for the shape that we want our painting to have, look for example an abstract drawings on the cardboard.

When you are satisfied with your work, fix them in place with fabric glue. We can also add strips of gallon, dry leaves and everything that comes to mind with our imagination.


Finally, we will place the artwork in the frame and place it wherever we want.
Eyes, it would be better if we formed an idea of ​​the painting, of its design before starting it. For them it is best to make a sketch on a sheet of paper, this way we will be guided by what we have drawn.

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  1. Blessings for all.
    I am apacionada with the decorations and more when I can create with easy and economic utensils; and I would like to know how to acquire more knowledge in this area.

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