Glass is used for the construction of building elements and for the home, among others. Due to its brightness and transparency, it has been used for ornamentation since the beginning; and one of the most used techniques for decoration is painting on glass.


In today's article we will decorate a vase with paint, in an easy and economical way.

For the realization of this decorative activity we will need: a glass vase, paper tape, gold-colored and rust-colored metal shavings, transparent glue.

With the help of the paper tape, we will delimit the areas that we will paint later, avoiding the paint to drip under it. We will build the pattern that we prefer with the ribbon, we can make aligned squares, or diagonal diamonds.

When the tape is well adhered, we apply with a brush the glue for the areas where we want to add the chip, this will stick well with a few soft strokes of the brush.

Then let dry well and remove the chip excess. We will paint with the chosen color and leave dry. We can also leave without color and varnish. When it is well dry, we will remove the tapes and we already have an elegant vase.