If you have some bottles in your house that do not give them any use, today we suggest you transform your containers into a beautiful and beautiful decorative bottle. So you can put them in your favorite places.

decorated bottles

The materials What we will need are the following:

  • glass bottle
  • two colors tissue paper
  • diluted vinyl glue
  • fine sandpaper
  • white oxide converter
  • brush
  • acrylic varnish

We will do this activity in just 6 steps. The first thing will be to wash the bottle or container very well and get rid of all the waste, to finish a cloth with alcohol and we will remove the rest of the impurities as fats.

Then we will give a hand of white oxide converter and let it dry very well. The third step is to cut the silk papers into squares, rectangles, rhombuses and all the shapes you want.

As a fourth step we will stick the paper cuttings to the bottle, this will be done with the help of a brush and vinyl glue. Remember to dilute the cola with water, the result will not only be sosparente, but will remain with a beautiful layer of brightness.

When it is completely dry, we sand the surface with a fine grain sandpaper, for example of the number 240 or less. To finish and as a sixth step, finish with a coat of acrylic varnish or spray fixative.