Almost any corner of our home can be decorated and turn it into an even more attractive piece. The stairs are, in many occasions, forgotten. For that reason today in Decoration 2.0 Today we give you some ideas which may be very useful.

Among many of the ideas that we can find we have the decorate the stairs with wallpaper. Selecting the paper that we like the most and adhering it to our stairs is a great option. Look what it looks like! On this occasion we have chosen paper in black and white, with a wonderful floral pattern and it has been adhered to the lower part of the steps.

On this occasion the decoration ascends to each of the steps, only the upper area has been simply painted. We can use specific paint for this type of activity.

Small and large messages are options that many people choose for their ladder. Locate beautiful phrases, single words or a text that is completed once we get to the top. The area of ​​each step has also been painted with red paint.

Finally the widespread use of stickers also covers this part of the house. These stickers can be attached to almost any surface ... so why not decorate our stairs?

As you can see there are many ideas that we can put in place to decorate this space so forgotten in homes.