In today's article we tell you how to decorate a bottle to prepare it as a gift to give to someone. We can use it to give as a gift at a dinner, at an event or celebration ... etc.

This simple model we can make it with thick cardboard, thread or golden cord and a nice bottle for example of wine.

The materials we will need will be the following:

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Thick cardboard or thin colored cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paper puncher (punches)
  • Golden decorative thread or cord
  • Thread or cord of the same color as cardboard or cardboard
  • Optional: decorative elements (ribbons, sconces, etc.: see the photo for inspiration)

The first is to make, on cardboard or cardboard, the pattern of the package. This consists, basically, of a rectangle that is a lot longer and wider than Botrella itself. Then we draw a square of the same width and finish with another rectangle of the same dimensions as the first. All parts should be traced one after the other.

Cut out the figure and make the folds separating the pieces, these will be the base of the bottle. Now, in each of the rectangles, we draw two squares and cut out. this will be the holes that will serve as a handle.

In the rectangles we will make four holes with punches on each side, making two in the upper zone and two in the lower one. Remember that the holes should be at the same height.

Now place the bottle, which we are going to present, inside the package and use the thread or cord to thread it through the front holes and wrap it in the bottle. Then go through the posterior holes. To finish cross the cord, behind the cardboard forming an X and secure it.

Now pass the cord through the upper holes and then around the neck of the bottle ... to finish pass it through the front holes. Finish with a nice knot or bow.

If you want you can put some sconces that you like, for it uses glue.

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