It is known under the name of Pop Art or Pop Art, an artistic movement that caused a furor in the '50 and' 60 years of the 20th century, which took advantage of common images of advertising such as advertisements, comics, books, and others from the world of cinema and advertising. He resorted to the use of popular images that opposed the elitism of the art that existed at the time and combined them to ironically demonstrate its kitsch aspect.

It is considered that pop art was the precursor of postmodern art. It shone at a time when advertising was done with sophisticated images of common objectsIt was a competition between art and advertising, and the artists were looking for a way to get away from what they considered a competition, the attractive and glamorous images of advertisements. And of course with great images of pop art you could and can decorate environments very attractive.

Today from 2.0 decoration, we present some fantastic ideas to achieve a pop art decoration, using the color and originality of the great posters of the time that captured images such as the icon of the twentieth century, Marilyn Monroe, cult celebrities such as Jackie O, comic characters like Wonder Woman, and other influential figures like The Beatles.

It is not necessary to undertake big changes for a pop art decoration in the living room, for example, the posters are enough, although nowadays this type of decoration has some elements that reproduce pop art images as decoration. Placing posters on some of the walls, and choosing colors that combine and give prominence to them can achieve a more attractive art pop environment. And of course these are decorative currents that do not go out of style, especially now that we are faced with a feeling of nostalgia for yesterday.


  1. You can decorate your room in a very creative way, different is a way to reflect our personality. I really like the Pop Art style, I was looking for some tips I found several things that can help you, Luck :)

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