As we have already said in other post, painting is a versatile and economical way of decorate environments, since taking advantage of colors and tonalities you can shape any trend that you want to enjoy for your home. And if you liked so many suggestions found in Decoration2.0, They show what good colors achieve, they will also like our theme today. Decorate with contrast using the color of the walls as a basis.

Although the uniform walls in light colors provide amplitude and that same uniformity makes them feel warmer some environments if you choose "warm" colors, it is also true that contrast gives more joy to a room, it is more versatile as you can gather many beautiful colors that are placed in a colorful that is elegant and attractive. Whether they are pastel shades with vibrant colors that oppose colors.

In the images that we present today you can see how well you can see an environment, if in addition to choosing beautiful colors, which are prefixed with coquetry such as orange and beige for example, you have in mind that the ornaments are better adapted and you can get a decor that is functional, attractive and not so expensive something that always stops us when we want to redecorate, but you know that painting is very good and that it is always more accessible than other forms of renovation.

So you can choose lamps, cushions for furniture, curtains, and all kinds of ornaments that contrast with the dominant color of the walls and that also precede each other, many colors can merge fabulously if you look at these images, mixing tonalities and gathering the colors of the palette of a season for a room, a room that will always be especially welcoming to you as we will see right away.