Decoration with vintage style

The decoration does not have limits and we do not have to establish them. Mixing different decorative styles can result in an original, different, attractive and interesting space or environment. A good example of what I say is this bathroom:

In general, the decoration is modern style, with straight lines as protagonists of practically all the elements that make up the decoration and, with a minimalist touch. However, the vintage style mirrors are a counterpoint to the style of the rest of the decoration.

The two vintage style mirrors, far from being out of place, what they offer to the decoration is a point of interest that contributes to the creation of an elegant atmosphere with a lot of personality. The strong visual impact they achieve is due to the great contrast of their shapes with the straight lines of the rest of the decoration.

This is an idea or option that can be put into practice in any space or environment. The only requirement for a successful decoration when decorating mixing or fusing different decorative styles is not to fall into excesses. If you take into account this small detail, the result can be as spectacular and interesting as the one you can see in the image above.