Decoration with hands for children's rooms

La decor and imagination go hand in hand. It is important not to limit yourself and look for new alternatives when decorating the environments of your home.

Decorate with hands some parts of the home, especially children's rooms, it has become fashionable and trend in many places. This fashion comes from the many works carried out by the children, girls and adolescents at school level.

Decoration with hands for children's rooms

Sometimes, the results are very interesting and original, and the hands They can look great on walls, paintings or wallpaper.

This new alternative for the decor from the wall of a room It is an activity that you can even share with your children.

For example, painting a hand from time to time and placing it on a small piece of paper, table or wall, provides a wonderful connection with our children and can give very beautiful results at the design and decoration level.

Here we leave you some images with the aim that you can get ideas to inspire you and then make your own decorations with hands.