We've all heard about Kim Kardashian, the socialite American of Armenian father who became years ago in a marketing event, the single image of Kardashian has promoted the fragrances, the clothes, the stores and the realty show he has with his sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. But you may be wondering what has to do with this section of decor the well-known image of Kardashian.

Well, today we have chosen the contemporary decor from the home of Kim Kardashian to present you the interior decoration of the overflowing appeal of Kardashian's home as we hope to show you many more stars, so that you can be inspired by the home styles of a young, independent and successful girl of today. Kardashian opts for the elegant, as seen in the beautiful furniture of the room where high quality competes only with how elegant and handsome they look.

Kardashian lives in a beautiful house with huge garden, and a light air of a rural house, with enough flowers to look colorful and to think about relaxing. The living room with furniture of great style, with very defined structures and light colors that give amplitude to the room and with enough size to be very cozy, elegant paintings on the walls and a door that interconnects this with the dining area.

La bedroom decor it does not depart from the styling of the living room, cozy furniture, light colors, huge bedding, all beautiful with neutral and clear colors that give an appearance of total clarity to a bedroom with huge windows. The kitchen huge, with a central island that gives more space to move and a cozy fireplace, more windows that overlook a garden. The whole house is a mixture in its exterior appearance very "country" and a very contemporary interior. Beautiful and inspiring to take it into account when doing renovations at home.

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