Decoration of children's bathrooms

Adults see the bathroom as a space for retreat and relaxation, but children see the bathroom as a place to play. After all, the bathtub is filled with toys and the mirrors are great for grimacing.

A fun bathroom designed especially for your children will give you less trouble getting them out of the bathroom, and some may be compelling to enter it.

Before the bathroom can be fun the design must be thematic and address the needs of a child's bathroom.

Remember that a child's bathroom has specific needs at the age. Each element must be carefully considered to consider storage, space use, function and most essential, safety.

It does not matter if you have a single or double bathroom, the plan is to keep the essentials low and easy within the reach of the little ones. Towel racks, hooks, cabinets, shelving and all light switches should be accessible and easy to use. This not only promotes independence, but also decreases the risk of accidents.

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