After dogs, cats are usually the preferred pets, and many certainly have one or several cats at home. You have to take care of the pet and she becomes part of the family, so you should live comfortably. But the comfort of the pet and its owners was never so great, as in this decorated house adapted to the pet. Where the decoration is functional but also attractive.

Surely you've been thinking about how to integrate the decor of home environments, the needs of play, cleaning and feeding the cat. Because the cat, although less active than the dog needs to move, needs to feed and must have its spaces. This is not limited to a gate of cat entrance, although this house as you can see in the images solves the problem in a very decorative way.

It is not any decoration, and it will always be necessary to maintain a thorough cleaning, in addition to educating the cat. But if you have a cat and you want to have a house with an enchanted decoration at the same time that you integrate the needs of your pet, this can be an inspiring decoration. Decorative holes in the wall for the cat to sleep, large and tall beams so that the cat fulfills its function of walking and sliding on all sides as usual.

A space to go up and down that without a doubt, the cat will find fun in his daily wandering. And a bathroom adapted to the needs of having a pet. A sandbox is integrated into the decoration in a very practical and fun way. So let's see these images and if you're thinking of redecorating the house with a view to having a pet or you already have it, you can take advantage of these decorating ideas Functional and attractive that are placed among the most avant-garde currents in the decoration, integrate the needs of the pet to the stays.