Decorating kitchens with rustic furniture

The decoration of rustic kitchens should be made taking into account that it is an environment with which its inhabitants will feel identified.

Environments should be pleasant and warm, since the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. The furniture will be of rustic style, which is a term that remembers ambiences of field, wood with rough textures or with coarse tonalities. Actually, it is a decoration. That is to say that the furniture "resemble" that rusticity so to speak.

The rustic furniture simulates having been made in an artisanal and "rustic" way, generally not very polished. But if you look at a kitchen with rustic style decoration, you will notice that all the furniture perfectly combines its designs, colors and textures. The borders (if any), islands, pantries, countertops, tables, baseboards and ceramics, are combined in their designs to create together, that rustic atmosphere that we seek.

There are small details that should not be forgotten when choosing furniture - which is characterized by modules or pieces, whose main element is wood - for a rustic kitchen, such as door and drawer fittings.

The designs in general are simple lines and with little or no molding. It is essential to take into account the area that is available to decorate. As this space is reduced, aerial furniture becomes vital, not only from the aesthetic point of view but also functional.