La decor against what many might think is very different from fashion, although similar colors are sometimes used for the season. The principles applied to visually expanding or diminishing spaces do not apply to fashion, which is logical. The combinations of colors that are very pretty in practice can be equally beautiful in the clothes you wear than in the combination of the decoration but they have different effects. Confused? Nothing of that.

Let me explain what the topic of today is, decorate kitchens in black and white, It is as beautiful as when you wear black and white, yes, we love it! and that explosive and sexy combination is great for your wardrobe and in your kitchen, but it works differently. In your wardrobe black and white combined stylize and lighten the figure we love that! and in the kitchen or the wide environmental spaces, it makes us look bigger ... we love that, of course, in this magnificent case !!!

And then taking advantage of the fact that black looks fabulous with white, they are after all, the two colored kings of the color palette, and that they are elegant and look great always, we have chosen these ideas to decorate kitchens in black and white ...because as you will see for yourself they look very modern, they are very beautiful and of course they look more spacious, perfect for an environment that is not so big but with this combination we can create that feeling.

So they are committed to having a large kitchen, even if it is only in appearance, but appearance is everything, that you know and I know, in this kitchen decoration in black and white, also that feeling results in a more comfortable cooking, and working on it and looks, more orderly.