The small spaces we could think condemn us not to try decorations modern and to be satisfied that they are practical although they are not attractive; but that really is a wrong perception of decoration, there are many who today can only afford to live in rental housing that sometimes do not have the dimensions that we would like, but with a good decoration, a kitchen not too big He can offer us many more things than he seemed. Part of the decoration is to take advantage of the small space, thanks to the use of colors and furniture the feeling of being bigger. And in the kitchens that we show you today, there is no need for more space because the existing one has been used to perfection.

You have to take advantage in the decoration of small kitchens the use of the colors that give it visual amplitude, the opaque colors tend to limit the spaces and make even less spacious those that are. Therefore, the use of yellow, green, light blue in vibrant colors and red as well as white as base colors will make the kitchen wider, balance these colors with other colors or contrasts.

You also have to resort to decorate a small kitchen, to take advantage of furniture because you do not need a lot of them. Simply choose those that are important and focus on spaces such as "islands" that save space and allow you to save as much as you want. Recessed kitchen furniture against the wall that may even have the stove or oven in it, is a way to be organized and have more space in the kitchen.

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It is worth using as much space as possible, and that includes placing windows for pots and pans on the roof, well used to help make the environment look more attractive. Do not overdo it in details because this overload makes the space of the kitchen look even smaller, you have to limit the pictures on the walls that reduce the space, and clearly take advantage of the light, the clearer the wider.