You will still remember the fashion in fluorine colors that has made the 2011 past, something that is not unusual considering that the vibrant colors are so attractive to us. And those colors that move optimism and action, are also ideal colors to apply in the decoration of environments. And as in Decoration2.0 we love that you have all the options when deciding to decorate the house, we leave you some ideas to decorate in fluorine tones, Sure you will like it.

But today we tell you how to make your kitchen, an enthusiastic and attractive, applying colors on the walls that contrast with the furniture and that are an addition to the kitchen decoration, After all, painting is basic in decoration and defines the style you want to assume. In this case, modern and striking kitchens, which inspire and surely become the ideal place of the house for its optimistic colors.

A great range of colors to decorate in fluorine tones you can find today, you just have to decide and in that sense take advantage to define if what you want is walls hiring between tones or just combining pastel solid shades and fluorine tones. You can do it in its entirety if your kitchen is small and you need to give an appearance of more space that is achieved from the uniformity of color and if you have clear good lighting.

But if you do not feel like converting your kitchen into an environment of lively total fluoride, you can do it by sectors, maybe just the ceiling or a wall, and you can and this is very attractive, use two contrasting colors in fluorine tones but also adding elements in these colors, and of course in these images that we include you right away you find great ideas of how to achieve decorate the kitchen in fluorine tones.