You've seen from our space, many great ideas to decorate bedrooms. And you will know for sure that a vital part of the best decoration is to take advantage of the great colors of the wall paint, to make up modern or vintage atmospheres, depending on what you like; Painting is essential when decorating. And today we want you to know the option of decorate neon bedrooms, taking advantage, the vibrant colors that are known under this trend.

Some of these attractive options neon decoration, they resort to contemporary furniture, which is the one that takes advantage of the vibrant shades of red, yellow, blue, green and other fabulous colors that impose a touch of vibrant joy to the environment that they are destined for. And when it comes to painting the same you can choose vivid colors of those same colors, for the walls. Although not everything is so colorful, colored walls invite enthusiasm.

Although it exists for some decorative styles, the perspective that using neon colors or very intense tonality in bedrooms, makes them less cozy: it is also true that each person is different and those who enjoy intense colors can rest without any problem in such a colorful environment. But you can balance the color of the intense walls with softer shades of the same color in the bedding and ornaments.

Today we leave you two great suggestions, taking advantage of the maximum color on the walls, evoke the best styles of neon decoration, but they are totally flattering, because pastel shades of the same colors have been used in the rest of the environment. And that's what we want a lot of color, but color controlled, to have a bedroom that always seems cheerful, enthusiastic, and that undoubtedly influences when in the mornings, we are overwhelmed by that feeling of not wanting to leave the warm bed . A very favorable decoration.

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