El patchword it is known in Spain as a traditional creation of La Rioja, called Almazuela. Actually the term Anglo-Saxon patchword is known in all Spanish-speaking countries, for the manual creations that are achieved by joining fragments of different pieces of cloth. Usually blankets, curtains, overcovers and others. It is a way to take advantage of the pieces and make some garments that are attractive decorative shapes.

Today we bring you some suggestions bedroom decor because an inclination is already detected in the decorative currents, which sees the resurgence of the patchword. Although it must be said at any time has disappeared altogether, because it is ideal for those who enjoy this type of crafts, it is economical, there is a lot of creativity and the results can be coquetry that make even more beautiful the environment where they are used, and how We told them this technique is very traditional in La Rioja Spain where for centuries it has been the medium for the creation of beautiful handmade pieces.

And the patchword It allows you to delve into the creation of beautiful covers and curtains, for the children's bedroom or any of the home. You can resort to the pieces that are usually sold in the store or those that you keep if you are one of those who prefer to do all kinds of Crafts. The ones we suggest today are beautiful quilts in patchword technique that make them more cozy and give an air of "country" coquetry to the bedrooms.

You can use similar or different designs, vary the size of the pieces, trace a thousand ideas that we do not doubt will arise as you go completing these beautiful covers. For little that you manage in the sewing machine you can make beautiful designs, and if you have already tried the technique of making with these, then maybe it's time to think about a renovation of the home, with curtains, cleaners and others in patchword.