It always comes in handy, if your work is one of those that you can "take home" to have an area, a study where you can do it with comfort and tranquility. And that is not always complicated, just have a small space and dispose of it well, taking advantage of ideas for decorate studies. You do not need to have a lot of furniture either, because what you want is to be practical and essential, so a desk, a comfortable chair, a chair in case someone comes to see you, a bookcase, a table and decorative plants make the perfect environment.

Also, it depends on your taste and style, the decorate a studio that makes you feel comfortable and that you like it a lot. If you are an orderly person, order is essential in any environment, you will find that with it you have already taken a big step to achieve a flirtatious appearance of order and neatness. If you're not, maybe it's time to start trying in your small space.

You can choose a very modern style taking advantage of the new furniture trends for study, They use recyclable materials and practical and lightweight and small sizes such as plastic, melamine and others. And you can do a very classic study if you always thought of something very elegant, in this case you have to have more space and maybe you want to add your personal library, choose wooden furniture and give a touch of formality of great elegance.

Whether it is a little or a lot of space, the ideal study also requires a few elements, a good quality clock, some pictures referring to topics that interest you and serve your work, perhaps a globe, a map, an essential printer, a fax, and also of course there is a lamp, the essentials without saturation, for that reason studio decoration ideas they are going to like you.

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