Weeks ago we tell you about the Fair of decoration Habitat Valencia 2012I'm sure you've heard. This event has brought together the best of the best, in the world of interior and exterior decoration. And among the exhibitors Lladró has shone, the enchanting porcelain figures and the decorative elements of Lladró have international fame and are increasingly beautiful creations that are added to the decoration options.

Within the framework of this event, Lladró presented its latest porcelain proposals for interior decoration. Lladró is a Spanish company based in the Valencian city of Tavernes Blanques, which for a long time, since 1956, has manufactured charming porcelain figures for decoration and collection, being a success.

The company was founded in 1956, by three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladró, in the town of Almàssera distant just from the capital of the Turia. Its famous porcelain sculptures They started at that time, they had such success that for 1958 they had moved to their current location in Tavernes Blanques. In 1962 they opened the Vocational Training School on their site in Tavernes Blanques to share their knowledge and experience, which continues to function.

In 1969, they opened the City of Porcelain where today more than 2,000 people work. The secrets of the manufacturing process of Lladró, is admired every day by enthusiastic tourists visiting the City of Porcelain, some details such as the glaze of the sculptures Lladró has been preserved for a long time and is one of the secrets of this success that is Lladró

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Today we present you a charming image gallery with what Lladró has brought to your booth at the Valencia 2012 Habitat Fair, charming options of ballerinas, lamps, mirrors, harlequins and all a beauty of creativity and quality of Lladró sculptures for decoration.

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