The tradition of Easter eggs goes back to antiquity although they were changing in the ways of celebrating it and the meaning. Today is one of the children's celebrations of Easter Sunday, when the holy week ends, more widespread in the world. The day is propitious to celebrate with the family the short relax of Easter, and for the children to enjoy the celebration of the Easter egg.

Today we bring you some lovely suggestions of decor of the Easter table. Taking advantage of the easter eggs protagonists of the season, the famous Martha Stewart proposes charming arrangements with decorated eggs or eggs in their original appearance that look really beautiful on the tablecloth, helping to enhance the decoration of the table, or complementing the silverware, everything that you want to try to make your Easter table, a lovely decoration for the occasion.

Endearing decorative arrangements for the table with a coquettish sense of elegance and above all natural, flirtatious nests with eggs painted in cheerful colors like the celestial, or delicious decorations of Easter rabbits in chocolate. When the occasion comes, the details abound, such as fruit rabbits or chocolate rabbits like those of these images, which make a lovely addition to the Easter decoration.

And also of course, you can take advantage of Easter eggs to personalize your decoration even more. If you are one of those who opt for crafts and enjoy creating small details for decoration, Easter eggs are something that can become a time of delight and you can apply them all your creativity, to make them really different and beautiful . If the kitchen is good for you, add to your Easter table decoration a cake in the shape of an egg, a rabbit, a delicious salad for the Easter meal, with the appearance of a nest, with hard boiled eggs as a detail.