Decoration of the table

An elegant table is not a recharged table. Remember that an ornament should never be a hindrance. The golden rule for decorating a table should be: do not create barriers with the decoration. Avoid isolating your guests with too voluminous decorative elements. Calculate the number of guests and the space available on the tables to find out what space you have to decorate the table.

The chandeliers and centerpieces are more used in decoration. Candles in the candlesticks should be white or ivory. On certain occasions, such as Christmas, red candles are allowed, for example.

The candles should only be placed at dinners, and if they are lit, it is done after the guests have sat down at the table. The candles must be of odorless wax. In most cases candles and candlesticks are used as mere decoration and are not usually lit.

If you choose to use flower centers, whether natural or dry - better natural - they should be flowers without perfume, as they can interfere with the aroma of food and drink. The flower centers should not cover the guests either.

You must choose very low designs, to allow the guests to see each other. They are placed widely spaced, thinking about leaving room for the fountains, salseras and other items that we need to place on the table. The rectangular tables give more game for the decoration than the round ones, that admit a center of flowers nothing more.