The laundry area at home does not always receive the attention it deserves, since it is a place where we take care of washing, drying and ironing and so logically spend a lot of time in it. But the domestic laundries They must be attractive and practical. This is to take advantage of decor so that they look good and also that they are comfortable for the task. We do not always have space and that is when we must, strive to turn them into an environment that is ideal.

This is achieved through the application of basic decoration for laundries, have everything you need for your washing and ironing function, as is a good washing machine, a dryer that works perfectly, a table to lay out clothes and fold, and if you can a small closet where to store from what we use for the task like detergents and iron like some clothes before taking them to their place in each room.

No need to convert laundry at home, in a complicated environment, quite the opposite, because you need everything to be at hand, you can move easily for it and you have the equipment you need. The ideal is to clear areas by placing all the equipment against a wall and creating a uniform area making the most of the walls to place a cabinet with drawers or to place boxes to store everything necessary, and hang the ironer that is a way of make it functional.

Another of the important aspects that facilitate the decoration and work in the laundry is to have shelves or baskets to store clothes according to color, this makes the environment more orderly because you will not have a basket with all the clothes on it that look messy and also , facilitates the task of washing because everything is distributed. Now that you think about reorganizing your laundry, take into account these suggestions, among which stands out a closet for an area that is of little space.

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