In recent days we show you some decorations of cakes for Halloween They have loved you !!! And sure you remember the decorated cakes that we presented a month ago that we all liked a lot. If you are one of those who opt for decoration, you will understand that it goes beyond the ambience of environments, it is also lovely to decorate cakes and other desserts. And of course the wedding cakes well deserve to be true works of art.

Today we bring you some beautiful designs of decoration of wedding cakes. They resort to the maximum color there are lovely cakes in green as well as pastel yellow, all are ideal for a great wedding. There are some traditional whites, of course, with unforgettable details, and there are whites with chocolate turned into figures, I love them all !!! and I know that they are going to excite you and if you are a talented bakery, take advantage of these ideas.

Until the '80 years, wedding cakes used to be entirely white, they are still romantic and charming, but now they are decorated with such skill that we insist, the art of baking. And of course, with the end of the 20th century, the fashion of wedding cake decoration, in the most varied colors, as it happened with the wedding dresses and the decoration of tables and other wedding details, of course everything is color now.

And today we present you designs of wedding cake decoration, in the most beautiful colors so go thinking about your favorite color, in the most original designs and with the varied and original details that you like the most. One of the charms of the wedding is to choose the dress and the cake is the center of attention at the banquet, so finding the perfect cake is one of the important missions of the couple.


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