Maybe you think that this topic should not go in our space, dedicated to give you every dayto advice on decoration, but you will agree that the decoration of cakes is also something that interests us and after seeing the images that we bring you 40 spectacular decorated cakes, you will confirm that we have done well to share with you these great cakes that allow us to admire the hard work and talent of the confectioners who gave themselves with patience and passion to create these magnificent designs.

There's something for everyone, surely you know a Nintendo fan who looks with nostalgia at those first Nintendo we met, and who does not know or have a fan of comics at home, that Batman and Captain America are usually his favorite subject? why not surprise him with a themed birthday party that includes a very original decorated cake, Rubik's cube, is one of the tarts for Geeks that we present today, but that observing well, each and every one is a charming detail.

A Nikon camera is usually expensive, but it sure is great to surprise someone with a sweet replica, or maybe an iPhone, an iPad or a BlackBerry that you're sure to love these images, where the pies become popular and colorful gadgets, with all the luxury of details that requires a good replica. You love your Mac and everyone knows it, why not have a colorful and delicious mini Mac in your birthday? A track by Mario Kart, a lovely cake version of Ms Pac Man, really a waste of creativity in these decorated cakes dreamlike.

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Are you one of those who opt for pastry? your thing is to be at home trying new recipes, you have the talent and the technique and clear patience, and for you a challenge is an emotion, you will get excited at the sight of each of these wonderful designs ... so it's time to see The galery.

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