La avant-garde decoration, is one that is innovating every day and that is adding new elements to the decoration, adapting colors and converting it into a current decoration that does not stop being because it is reinvented at every moment, and in the world of decoration there are changes every day. Even so, it should not be thought that avant-garde decoration can not be achieved at home and that it loses relevance, because what must be done is to adopt the concept.

And the concept of avant-garde decoration It is to combine a little of the minimalist fashion with the most modern furniture and equipment that make the home look in a modern way. Within this form of decoration prevail the most attractive furniture, in fashionable colors, and materials most used today such as vinyl, melanin, imitations of wood and a variety of plastics and glass that are the trend of now.

And today we want to share with you the beautiful designs of avant-garde decoration, in case you are thinking about renewing or slightly changing the style. Plasma TVs so attractive, panoramic screens, minimalist lamps, cushions and other lounge ornaments that opt ​​for sober colors or geometric patterns are some of the things you can adopt if you want to make the gradual change to a form of very attractive decoration.

The colors also count inside the avant-garde decoration and some decorators opt for the basic neutrals while others fuse attractive contrast colors, black and white are very helpful but that does not imply that you can not take advantage of some beautiful colors of such a wide palette that we already know exists today, a picture is worth a thousand words, and these will speak to your decorating soul.

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