La children's decoration, It is usually one of the most admired fields of decoration, because it allows you to explore creativity to the fullest and for that reason, you can decorate the baby's room yourself, because you can be inspired by the great creatives but always achieve your most personal decoration for that Dear baby who will occupy such a lovely bedroom. But beyond the attractiveness of the decoration, we must keep in mind the safety rules, especially in the case of a small baby.

Choose the furniture and accessories of the decoration of the baby room, It is something that requires time and a lot of attention, so today we will give you advice on security in the decoration of the baby's room. Painting is paramount in decoration, you want to choose a wonderful and bright tone, combine colors and so on. Observe that the paint is washable and durable, that it does not break and fall into pieces with little or no rubbing and that it is, above all, free of dangerous components such as lead, you have to read the label correctly.

Curtains and sleepwear complement perfectly with the decoration, so choose the ones you like the most but observe that they are not easily flammable, that they do not have pieces that can represent danger for the baby, that are easy to clean, that they are Cool materials like cotton and never use with the room of the small baby silks that tend to slip and can be a danger. The accessories, such as lamps and pictures, must be safe, not within reach of the baby.

But getting them away from the baby is not enough, when you decorate children's decoration accessories Sure, quality counts a lot in this case. Quality implies ornaments that do not break easily, that are not made of glass or others that can harm the baby or someone else, that the lamps are of high quality, so that they do not overheat and always watch that the electrical installation is not overloaded. it must be far from the crib and never within reach of the baby, now or even when it begins to take its first steps.