Maybe this post will surprise you because it has little to do with decoration, but nevertheless it has more to do with what you think. First, because after all it is decoration, but of the human body, and second because its creator comes from the world of industrial design. When I saw the news I could not resist the urge to tell you about it, and that is that in this post we will talk about «smart clothes".

The designer Laura Morata has created a new concept of smart clothes, which "combines design and technology to live better", according to the designer herself. Following this premise we find garments that lift the mood, that calm the stress, that maintain the body temperature and even repel mosquitoes. The purpose of all of them is to make life easier for the modern woman, stressed by the rigors of the current day to day. They are mothers, housewives and workers, all-terrain women. «They are garments with technology that allow to personalize the clothes, preserve the environment and find the well-being».

To calm the stress or lift the mood Morata has used aromatherapy, in the sense that the smell reaches the brain directly, and the garments include microcapsules with natural essences that display their properties at the time of dressing. Thus, for example, he confesses that for bridal suits he usually uses vanilla and jasmine, "which calm the nerves and relax".

The strawberry and sour apple are used for everyday garments (dresses, pants, shirts, etc ...) to stimulate the decayed spirits, "in this way, no person, not even the boss can annoy you the day", explains the Catalan designer.

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Leaving aside the section of the odors, he has also created stain-resistant garments that repel rain and any liquid, "they are garments that, at the same time as they provide security, prevent them from being washed continuously, a process that contaminates the rivers".

They are joined by anti-stress garments, with antistatic microcapsules that prevent women from being charged with electrostatic energy that comes from the mobile phone or the computer (both used daily longer than we would like). This line is called, very aptly,! Qué Paz !.

The anti-mosquito garments complete this collection of technological and ecological clothing. In its fabric they include a repellent product that manages to deflect the picotados of this insect. Through the PCM (Phase Change Material), also microencapsulated in coats and jackets, Morata has managed to sew garments that maintain body temperature both in summer and in winter, in the most adverse climatic conditions. For this, he goes through phosphorescent paint, which absorbs energy from utraviolet rays and emits light in the dark, technology that he has used in some bridal gowns. "

The problem that arises after its manufacture is the perishable nature of its properties, which disappear with their use, but it is already being studied as being able to recharge them so that they last longer (more than a year).

All these models can be found on the website of «Madre Mía del Amor Hermoso», a firm created by Laura Morata for her ecological creations. We can find your stores in Barcelona and Madrid.

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