Home decoration in summer

Summer arrives and with it the intense heat. The decoration of your house can be adapted to bring freshness to the rooms and embellish them even more. In this post we will give you some home decorating tips during the summer.

If you want to quickly add color to a room, painting it is the best option. If you want to save time and money, you can paint only one wall, and this can be done in less than an hour.

Instead of sewing new cushions and tablecloths, try to use a new technique. The pillows can be wrapped in fabrics without endings, as if they were a gift, and tie it with a ribbon so that it does not come off.

Take a box and gather all the ornaments and other things in the room. Instead, place maximum 3 embellishments. This will give a neater and tidier look.

If you are fond of natural flowers, but hate to pay a fortune each time you have to buy them, try to look in your garden for a corner that gives you the sun and plant some sunflower seeds. There are many varieties, choose the ones that you like the most.

Clean windows and carpets, and if the carpets are too winter or warm, remove them during the summer.

Clean all the glasses of the house. Glossy surfaces reflect light and this contributes to the cool summer look. Do not forget to clean the TV screens, photo frames, etc. Try this technique and you will see that the rooms are more illuminated!

Finally, you can move some furniture, even exchange some of the room. Bring out that good china they have and leave it in view as a decorative shape, and if your dining table is worn, paint it white to give a renewed touch