Not only colors are decorated, and you can also achieve a decoration of rooms spectacular resorting to white. As a base color it is very used to combine or contrast with other colors, but white can also be the total color of a home or home environment, because it illuminates, because it transmits a sense of order and relaxation, and of course it is easy to clean even if it seems easier to get dirty.

But when we want to bet on decorate with white, We always see the idea that maybe it can be excessive, it is not in any way, but you should keep in mind that we are talking about pure, bright and clear white that looks great. Ideally used in those places where warm weather prevails because white also means a cold sensation that helps, even if only a little, to cope with high temperatures.

And although we might think that if it's so great decorate with white color to aliger the summer temperature or the heat of the tropics and that can be the opposite in winter turning cold, you will see that it is not like that, because if you use white in the places where it is always very hot, in winter it is perfect because in those hot places Winters are not usually so cold and you can always resort to stoves and fireplaces.

In the images that we bring you today, we give you some great ones ideas to decorate with white, Without a doubt, they will fascinate you. Besides that it allows you to try with the elements in another color and if you decide to uniform in white, nothing happens, it looks fabulous. And you can always when you decide to renew again, take into account the advantage of white, because it is easier and cheaper to alter the color palette.