We all know that one of the most usable colors when it comes to decorate environments, It is white Its beautiful appearance transmits feelings of cleanliness and calmness. Visually allows us to expand the appearance of a small and clear environment to clarify it, making it less necessary to use artificial light during the day. And white is combinable with many more colors. Is not it true that it is a tremendous color? and in the decor we are going to make the most of it today.

Some great ideas on how to combine the white color, at the time of decorate the living room, decorate the bedroom, decorate the kitchen, we can obtain from the images that we present to you. They are part of the decoration section of the great Martha Stewart. We've already told you in other posts about Mrs. Stewart, the American television queen who gives advice every day on cooking, home, decoration, weddings to her faithful viewers, and that on her website shares those same tips that are quite a hit. That is the secret of Martha Stewart being a great television personality and a best seller.

And from Martha Stewart with so many secrets to decorate the house, we take advantage of these suggestions. The white combined with vibrant colors such as blue and red, create attractive and high-energy environments, ideal for the kitchen or lounge area. If the taste for red is not your thing, then do not fear, you can always choose to place it only "zonally" that means, as it looks in the image that we show you in the gallery of images, it will be enough in the steps or maybe only in the frame of the windows.

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When it comes to finding combinable colors for decorate on white The tender blue or pastel also lends itself well and creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, ideal for the living room or the bedroom. And clear a color like yellow conveys joy and energy. With which one will you combine the white color, you?