When we think decorate the house We are more conservative than we really recognize, and we are afraid to try new colors. It is true that the most used colors are usually practical and always attractive, but we can always try new ones decorating ideas that allow us to show off without being especially expert. And that is achieved, being bolder in color, less conservative, looking for the point between elegance and modernity, it is easy turning to purple.

There are many shades of purple to apply in different home environments. It is vital not to resort to the very dark tone that reduces the vision of amplitude and that is very "Gothic" and you do not have to bend over decorate with purple in very bright tones or slightly neon. The matt tones of the purple are ideal because they maintain the clarity of the environment and are very versatile to combine with other colors.

If you do not dare decorate with purple, and you are afraid to renew with the color in the first time you experience it for decoration you should not fear, because you can use it with other colors or maybe you like changing the ornaments to purple while you decide on the color. And you can add the painting in purple in sections, from wall to wall, you will love to see how great an environment with a color not so much used in decoration up to the last decade is.

And for you to guide yourself and no longer fear the purple for decorate the house, we leave you with these attractive ideas that will inspire you to the change that the home asks for, from the conservative tones to a color that awakens many happy positive vibrations in the home. After all the purple, it is attributed the effect of calming us and keeping us positive ... do you sign up to the trend of purple decoration?

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