Traditionally red has been considered as the color of passion and desires, at one time it was also considered too vulgar a color for decorating home environments. But with the expansion to the West of the doctrine of Feng Shui, Western perception of this color was changing, and today within the contemporary decor Red is a color estimated for its qualities.

El decorate with red allows to take advantage of the positive vibrations of the color. Red is associated with strength, joy, enthusiasm and love. An overflowing energy of positivity that is felt through the decoration applied to red. But red itself is excessive when it comes to decorating, whether you like it or not Feng Shui decoration is best to take advantage of red.

That means we can combine it with other colors, a mixture of decoration in red with white, not only is it very attractive but it enhances the virtues and takes advantage of the white that you already know is inclined by sincerity and calmness. There are many different shades of red, which we can take advantage of in the light of the most modern contemporary trends. When you want to maintain a full red atmosphere in your decor, you have to take advantage of the most dull shades of red.

And you must balance with some ornaments or furniture in a color that moves away from that tone, as would be the white or black that contrast fabulously. You can choose an ultramodern and minimalist decoration, just as you can choose a classic style and even a vintage or maybe a rustic style that red adapts to so many trends, that you can have a wonderful atmosphere only with red. In these images you will find how charming an environment with red color can be.

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