You have already chosen green as the color for decorate the house. Maybe some do not find it as attractive or as happy as others could be and doubts about it. If you have opted for environments in green, do not be afraid for the color, which is a color of many possibilities, especially if we lean towards a total decoration in green, you can resort to its multiple tonalities and achieve really attractive effects.

El decorate with green color, It is always attractive in any home environment, because it adds luminosity to the environment, if you choose light tones, and also combines with many other tones and other colors. In addition, green makes us think of nature, of the greenery of gardens and fields and that is why it is a color that we associate with the order and neatness of bathrooms and kitchens, but we insist on many home environments as well.

In the bedroom you can decorate in green using various tones, and when it comes to accessories such as drapery and bedding you can vary the tones according to the season, using light tones and citrus for summer and dull and dark green for winter. You also use it in the children's room, there you can take advantage of the most vibrant green colors to decorate.

And of course with so many possibilities, we must add that the green color in the decoration, It also makes you feel calm and promotes a relaxing atmosphere that would not give you so many other colors, if you mix it with pastel colors of other colors you will achieve beautiful environments of elegance and softness, so for more doubt the green works great in any environment, is versatile, there are a thousand tones and combines well with everything, it almost has no reason to refuse a coquettish environment in green, and for this you are great images will inspire you.


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