We know that the decor feng shui It also concentrates on the position of the furniture in the colors, and that is that the colors influence our mood, that you knew it with feng shui or not. So when we want to decorate a space taking advantage of the decorative tips in the light of feng shui, we must assume what color we like and what that color projects and clearly adapt it to our decoration so that everything has balance.

In this sense we will focus today on one of the most luminous and appreciated colors, yellow. Yellow is a color that, from a decorative point of view, combines well with other colors to decorate Whether you search, combine or contrast it, it is versatile because it has several tonalities, it is bright because it clarifies the environments and is easy to cover when you do not want it anymore, and it is decidedly summery, warm and striking.

When we think of the decoration with yellow feng shui, then we must also recognize its qualities, yellow is to call it the color of the sun, intense, vibrant, clear and luminous, it calls for motivation and when the activity starts, so it is ideal in the nursery for children who are So enthusiastic and clear in the kitchen or laundry area where feeling motivated by the task will be very easy with such attractive color.

And of course that does not limit it, in the kitchen and the bedroom, we can add the option to use decoration in yellow in the living room, in the master bedroom, in the dining room, wherever you want, because in all it transmits enthusiasm and energy, and that is never left over anywhere, so you put on the subject, some inspiring images to think about how to decorate the environment you want to renew with yellow, surely these images motivate you.

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