In today's article we will tell you how to make some fantastic kittens for the Halloween party. The materials we will need will be:

Heart-shaped boxes, similar to the ones you can find on They can also be made of papier mâché. (newspaper, water and white glue).
Crepe paper creases.
Acrylic paint
Matte black cardboardSponge brush
Glue stick
Glue gun
Cat template

First we paint the box in the shape of a heart, this we do with black acrylic paint and a sponge brush. Once painted we let it dry very well.

Now we take the cat template, which I add it to the end of the post, drawn on black cardboard and paste it on the crepe paper. Remember to trace only the outline of the figure.

When dry, we cut off the head, the two ears, the four legs and the tail. And we will start to design the features of the face. To do this, use the template and cut them out on crepe paper. Do it with the colors that you like the most. Once done, we cut them out and stick them in place.

Finally, using the silicone gun, we place the ears on the head. Then we place the head and legs four legs. Look at the photos, the goal is for the cat to stay on its feet ... and do not forget to put the tail!