White is the best color for decorate the children's room, and really any room, because it visually expands the space, gives a flirtatious appearance of cleanliness and combines everything. Also, with white, the light seems more intense and artificial lighting is not needed throughout the day. Therefore, today we will focus on the advantages of using white for children's decoration.

Must choose a durable paint, that is free of lead and other components, which has a naked eye guarantee of no toxic agents. Also, make it a paint that does not crack and get lost in small pieces under no circumstances, because this, like the presence of toxins, is a danger for children. So much the better if it is an easy to clean paint, some presentations are cleaned without being damaged, with simple water and soap.

The cleaning of the paint is of vital importance, since used in the children's decoration Keep in mind that children scratch or stain the walls and a washable paint, it is easier to keep in good condition than to be covering in the sections that get dirty. White can be used as the total component of decoration, because as we have said, it evokes cleanliness, amplitude and clarity.

But if you want decorate children's bedrooms With other touches of color, you can opt for small decorative details such as lamps or curtains, or small pieces of wallpaper that will impose a coquettish color detail. The colors combine spectacularly with white, but if you have to choose, the best for the nursery would be red, orange, vibrant green and blue.

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You can recreate lovely environments just by taking advantage of white, so if you are thinking of renovating the painting of the children's or baby's bedroom, keep in mind the advantages of white.