The fashion of vintage decor is not limited to adult salons and bedrooms or kitchens and dining rooms, which can also be used to decorate vintage children's bedrooms. Especially because they impose a more natural and classic style without being gimmicky or ostentatious and that is comfortable and practical for the nursery. In the case of vintage decor what is particularly important is the furniture, because with only the furniture we can already transmit the appearance of this type of decoration.

In the case of the baby's bedroom, you can resort to the furnished vintage like the "old" style cribs, whether metal or fashion. Ideally, wood is more appropriate for when it is better for maintenance and it is always attractive as well because it looks more natural. Some only look like worn wood, and they are furniture that is easily acquired in the themed decoration stores.

In the case of being really old furniture, a careful restoration should be done, unless you have experience in the subject, you can achieve much consult a store of products of this kind that can guide us on what to use to do a thorough cleaning and restoration of a crib, a bed for the girl, a small table to do the tasks, chairs, rocking chairs and everything that contributes to the vintage atmosphere that we want in the nursery.

But not only furniture makes that vintage children's decoration, Ornaments such as lamps and curtains, as well as sheets and quilts, all small details contribute to the style. You have to choose sheets of "patches" of various colors that evoke the sheets that used to be made manually some time ago and that are also part of the "country" decoration. In the case of this decoration, they convey the sense of tradition that it aims to evoke. In these images, some great ideas to achieve a vintage for the children's room.