When we decorate the home, we can ignore how to take advantage of some spaces, it is when we get better at ideas to decorate contributed by professionals in the sector. After all, they are the ones who know best not to leave space without making it useful but do it in a way that does not break aesthetic harmony and comfort. In that sense we will deal today about that unused space that we have under the stairs.

Not all these environments are usable, some are too narrow and others would not be comfortable, but something is true, there are many ways to smart decoration of stairs, with it we are not saying that it is a lack of intelligent not to decorate or know how to decorate, in any way; rather, "intelligent decoration" is understood as a decorative form that, in addition to "decorating", converts into "utility", something that is beyond what the newbies in decoration would do, such as placing a small garden or placing our boxes of Christmas decorations.

These ideas to decorate stairs that is not what it would look like from the stairs but under them, converts the environment of them into a closet to store all that we do not use so much, a small office for those who work at home, a library, a cellar and even if there is not much space then the perfect place for a table and vases that impose a flirtatious touch to the room.

If you lack space at home, decorate under the stairs to make it an addition to the home, it's a great idea. Keep in mind that the more you impose yourself, the better the project will go, because you have to make sure it becomes attractive but also functional. For this we leave you some ideas and sure that in view of these, you will think of many more. So get to work.