Decoration: trends that have gained ground in 2011

In this post we tell you what are some of the tendencies which are being used the most this year in terms of decor.

Strong presence in the glitter decoration and reflective surfaces in objects and materials. Ultra-gloss lacquered furniture and objects, glass mosaics, colored glass, mirrored doors and coverings, metallic ornaments, glass and steel lighting fixtures, furniture and shiny plastic objects.

The color of the year is pinkish, in its different tones. The Light colors and neutrals are imposed, although they are enhanced with objects or reflective coatings, leaving "satiny" minimalism towards a decoration in light colors with touches or presence of Glitters. They have also been used a lot again light woods.

Again, how it has been happening in recent years, technology is part of the decoration; design televisions, projectors and multitasking computers (to watch movies, listen to music or surf the internet) integrated into the interior design.

The use of led in lighting It takes off and begins to be part of the interior design. The lighting in general it stands out for being a protagonist, with mirrored plastic screens, glass and steel, with a lot of brightness, and the incorporation into the market of scenographic design artifacts.