Personally I am one of the people who like to decorate the house at Christmas. If we do not go home and see some garland or some ball put here and there it seems that it is not Christmas. I usually decorate the interior of my house with a small crib, the tree, centerpieces, etc ... but what I had never thought about was decorating the chairs, it seemed too laborious, but with this idea that our colleagues from Christmas I think this year I will cheer up.

Holiday Table

To line our chairs we will need:

  • Red loop, about 10 cm wide, and about 2 m. per chair
  • a pineapple of stone pine that we will find in parks or mountain ranges of your locality, we can also add pine twigs.
  • balls to hang on the trees (Christmas decorations), if possible in gold or silver.
  • glue gun


Once we have everything necessary, we begin the "manufacture". We tie the red bow to an average height on the back of the chair and make two knots on top of each other. We must be careful and put all the ties on the chairs at the same height, otherwise it would be very unbalanced.

Just above the knots we stick the pineapple, the ball and the pine branch. One by one. We stick it with the help of a silicone gun, being careful not to burn or stain the loop. Let dry until it is completely compact and we have our decoration for the chairs.

In addition to being a durable craft we can store them and use them year after year or to alternate with another type of decoration.