La Christmas decorationIt has undeniably evolved and changed. And it is that the decoration of today has nothing to do with the decoration of yesteryear in which the only colors allowed were the classics red and green and only the Christmas trees and some other element announced Christmas.

Nowadays, the main characters in the Christmas decoration are colors like target, the dorado, the silver, the azul, the yellow, even the color black.

The Christmas details, today, are installed and are present in any corner or room of the house, sharing prominence with the classic Christmas tree. This makes the naturalness and harmony throughout the house.

minimalist christmas decoration

Another difference between the classic decoration, from before, and a modern Christmas decoration we could define it with a well-known saying «less is more«. And the simplicity and simplicity sometimes give the decoration in general much more style and personality than when the environment is overloaded.

At Christmas, the table is one of the protagonists in terms of decoration. But nothing of excesses, that does not take away anymore. One or two simple details may be enough to give your table an air of Christmas, original and stylish.

Christmas table

As for colors, in the Christmas table, as in the rest of the decoration, anything goes! It's just a matter of creativity and your table will look perfect for the occasion.

When it comes to preparing your Christmas decorations, there are no limits, do not be afraid to dare to create your decoration following the style what you like best: classic, retro, vintage, minimalist ... and even, dare to innovate with the materials.

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Christmas vinyl

The best Christmas decoration is always the one that defines you.

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