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Today I present a curious invention designed by Michael Hilgers, a designer with very urban trends, that looks for useful designs and adapted to current trends, lifestyles and the real needs of any person on foot, in addition to thinking of simplicity and comfort adapted to our needs.

Planters for handrails without installation

Is pots and bird feeders designed to be placed directly on the handrail of our balconies without the need to install brackets, make holes or anything like that, simply attach the elements on our railing fusing in a simple way with our balconies.

It is only necessary that the width of our railing does not exceed the width of the central support gap.

Planters for handrails without support

With these simple and elegant designs we can decorate our balconies and terraces with modern and minimalist designs in a simple way and without more decorative elements.

Design bird feeder

Also we have the option of putting a bird feeder if we like to enjoy nature near our urban cages ...

Bird feeder for handrailsFurther information: Michael Hilgers

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