Within the decorative tendencies for which we will be able to bet in the next Christmas we find a great series of aesthetic bets They stand out in the spaces but they require a lot of changes and of course extreme dedication.

suggestive Christmas decoration

On the other hand we find the suggestive decoration as an alternative response to the laborious trends, not replacing them, but achieving an aesthetic contribution that in many cases is a simple and economic response to the Christmas decoration.

Christmas suggestive decoration-1

When we refer to suggestive decoration, we are really emphasizing presenting different changes in a very careful way that create the Christmas atmosphere and can mean an atmosphere within the conciseness of his presentation.

Christmas suggestive decoration-4

And it is within this decorative scheme that we find the curtains as highly outstanding pieces with which we can completely modify the aesthetic concept of our space, for a very low cost, a practical solution is the provision on curtains in tune with the festivity, of graphic trends, they can be replaced year after year and mounted within our spaces only for the celebration.

Christmas suggestive decoration-7

Some ornamental objects of simple manufacture as socks for our fireplace in case of having it, or objects not directly related to Christmas but if arranged in the environment suggesting typical morphologies can support our decoration.

Christmas suggestive decoration-9

The luminaries they are also the central highlight of a suggestive decoration where they not only enhance but also create the ability to abstract objects from the space by centralizing the attention of visitors, with this technique and a good imaginative quota we can create an extremely simple and original decoration.

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Christmas suggestive decoration-3

It is important to note that in this decoration, it is the decorator's imagination that wins the game over ornamentation and costly Christmas projects, taking advantage of the elements available and the morphology of the environment.

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